At Goodspeed Custom Coffee, we roast premium coffee to lighter levels than you may be used to. This method preserves the “origin” flavors, which tend to be more complex and delicate than darker roasts in which the “roast” flavors predominate.

You may want to use slightly more coffee or brew slightly longer than usual for a stronger taste, but many of us come to cherish all those subtle flavors that emerge using the standard amount of coffee. It’s all up to you: experiment and enjoy!


What brewing method should you use? It’s all a matter of personal preference, because the methods of brewing coffee are almost endless!

At GCC, our favorite method is the coffee press because we feel it tends to bring out the “true” origin flavors of the coffee (see FAQs for additional information).

Here are the basic steps for using a press:

  1. Place coarse-ground coffee in the bottom of the carafe (for a 32-oz carafe, about 8 tablespoons is typical – the coffee scoop that came with your press is probably 2T).
  2. Add water just off the boil.
  3. Stir thoroughly (don’t use metal, because it can crack the carafe).
  4. Allow coffee to steep for several minutes (instructions with your press probably say 4 minutes).
  5. Gently press down the plunger, so the screen squeezes the grounds to the bottom of the carafe.


Note: We like to steep our coffee for 6 to 10 minutes instead of the typical 4 minutes; since our roasts are light, we believe this extended steep time brings out more of the complex flavors without much risk of the “over-extraction” you might expect with a darker roast.