Emergent Flavors: At first, you may be surprised to find that your coffee’s flavor changes as it cools in the cup. Savor those wonderful subtleties!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: If you are used to using sweeteners, milk, and flavorings, you may find that you use less… or none at all. Those complex origin flavors are a taste treat all by themselves, and the natural sweetness often emerges as the coffee cools. However, if you still love your morning latte, be prepared for an incredible experience!

Iced Coffee: Coffees from GCC often make superior iced coffee. Try it, and you may wind up drinking iced coffee all year long.


There are many ways to make iced coffee, but the easiest way is: Just add ice! We usually like to add touch of raw  sugar, too.

  • If you are going to add ice to freshly brewed hot coffee, use more ground coffee than you usually do; you will have to use a lot of ice because hot coffee will melt much of it, thus diluting the coffee flavor (which is sometimes lovely… for a certain value of “dilute”).
  • CAUTION: WHEN ADDING ICE TO HOT COFFEE, put the coffee in a container that you are certain will withstand the extreme temperature difference. Ordinary glass can crack or shatter, which is dangerous (as well as messy and a waste of delicious coffee).