Here is a listing of our current offerings and prices*. You can order whole pounds of your favorite roasts, or you may want to combine smaller sizes to create your own custom sampler or gift packages (see our “Variety Packs” page for some ideas). All packages are sold as whole-bean only (why?).

Minimum order: 1 pound (any combination of sizes)

Terms: Cash or Check (payable to Jay Goodspeed; new friends paying by check, please allow time for your check to clear) PDF Order Form

For boxed gift sets, add $2.25 for every pound. Gift sets come in 1-lb. gift boxes (specify gold or silver color).

In addition to the offerings below, we are currently evaluating potential selections from Bali, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, and Uganda. Look for two or three of our favorites to be available in the fall!


A tasty organic selection from Central America, sourced from five small farms whose goal is to produce high quality coffee without compromising the environment. Simple and smooth, with subtle flavor notes of orange and cane sugar… you may even detect a little cocoa in this roast. Try it with your morning pancakes.

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$4.50 (4 oz.)

$8.50 (8 oz.)

$16.00 (1 lb.)

$74.00 (5 lb.)

ETHIOPIA-Gedeb, Organic Natural

Bursting with the complex fruitiness of a truly great natural-processed Ethiopian coffee, this is one value you won’t want to miss. The producer, a third-generation family business, contributes to the local community in a variety of ways including sponsorship of a 400-student elementary school. A word of advice about this offering: You may as well join our Coffee HMO and order 5 pounds from the git-go, because once you taste it you won’t want to stop!

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$6.00 (4 oz.)

$11.00 (8 oz.)

$21.00 (1 lb.)

$101.00 (5 lb.)

COSTA RICA “yellow honey” micro-lot, Conventional

“Yellow honey” processing and outstanding quality control give this delectable roast an incredible character you may not have experienced yet from a Central American coffee. Not only is the coffee amazing, but the producer integrates social services and environmental protection into their philosophy; in fact, they are the world’s first certified carbon-neutral coffee exporter. This unique offering is a perfect choice to include in a gift set.


$6.50 (4 oz.)

$12.00 (8 oz.)

$23.00 (1 lb.)

$111.00 (5 lb.)

ETHIOPIA-Yirgacheffemicro-lot, Conventional

An outstanding roast from the Yirgacheffe region, which is considered by many to be the zenith of the coffee world. Look for the classic Yirgacheffe floral aroma (with a natural sweetness that intensifies as the coffee cools in the cup) in this selection produced on family-owned farms of the Edido Cooperative. Yet another wonderful pick to include in a gift set.


$6.50 (4 oz.)

$12.50 (8 oz.)

$24.00 (1 lb.)

$115.00 (5 lb.)

UGANDA micro-lot, Natural

An amazingly fruity roast that will knock your socks off – be sure your feet are clean before you share this one with your friends! Quite a unique coffee, cultivated in mile-high volcanic soil on smallholder family-owned farms. Give it in a gift set, and prepare to receive a thousand thanks.


$6.50 (4 oz.)

$13.00 (8 oz.)

$25.00 (1 lb.)

$118.00 (5 lb.)

If you are interested in a particular coffee or region that is not on the list, please call or e-mail (404-512-7955, We may be able to find some just for you, or even add it to our current offerings!

*Disclaimer: Information on this website has been checked for accuracy, although errors may still occur. If anything looks wrong on the website, please let us know, and ask before ordering. Pricing errors on orders will be corrected and confirmed before processing an order.