At Goodspeed Custom Coffee, we roast premium, single origin coffees to a lighter level than you may be used to. This approach brings out the unique and complex “origin” flavors rather than the “roast” flavor.

After extensive testing of each new coffee lot, we use our favorite roast level as the standard for that lot. If you would like to try a lighter or darker roast, just let us know so we can custom roast a pound specially for you!


If you are looking for a great gift idea, or if you simply want to experiment, then check out some suggestions on the Variety Packs page for starters Рthen feel free to create your own Variety Pack!


We try to add new and interesting roasts and regions to our offerings on a regular basis, so check for updates whenever you are ready to place another order.


If you are looking for a coffee from a particular region that is not listed in our Current Offerings, please let us know (404-512-7955, We may be able to find it for you!