Fresh Roasted ⊂⊃ Single Origin ⊂⊃ Small Batch ⊂⊃ Personalized Orders

These four concepts are the founding principles of Goodspeed Custom Coffee. At GCC, our goal is to help you rediscover coffee as it was meant to be experienced: flavorful, complex, and just plain out-of-this-world yummy!

FRESH ROASTED: All Goodspeed Custom Coffee is roasted right here in Tucson, AZ, dated and signed, so you know when it was roasted and who roasted it (yours truly).

BY THE WAY… your roasted coffee beans should mature for a few days before brewing – conventional wisdom says they need 2-3 days to “de-gas,” although we think GCC coffee flavor reaches its peak after about a week and lasts for as long as several months.

DID YOU KNOW? Those little valves in your 1-lb. and 8-oz. coffee bags allow the coffee beans to “de-gas,” while still excluding detrimental oxygen.

SINGLE ORIGIN: Each lot of premium Goodspeed Custom Coffee beans comes from a single region in the world, often from one specific farm that specializes in producing coffee beans of the highest quality.

QUALITY: We are committed to providing coffees of superior quality and flavor.

SUSTAINABILITY: We also make every effort to ensure that our coffees have been produced using sustainable methods, which respect the social and ecological integrity of the region from which they come.

SMALL BATCH: We roast our coffee beans a pound at a time, so every pound gets specialized attention to ensure an amazing coffee experience for you.

PERSONALIZED ORDERS: Whenever we receive a new lot of coffee beans, we test it extensively to determine our favorite roast profile and roast level. This becomes our standard roasting process for that lot, and we often keep a small stock of each offering for “coffee emergencies.” However, we gladly roast it just for you when you place your order, and you are always welcome to request a different roast level if you wish.

SO WHAT IS A ROAST LEVEL, ANYWAY? A “Roast Level” is the time/temperature at which the roasting process is stopped, and the roasted coffee is quickly cooled.

…AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO A COFFEE BEAN?  Different roast levels can bring out different flavors in the same coffee lot, so sometimes it’s hard to choose our favorite! Thus, we may occasionally offer a particular coffee at more than one roast level (and let you know what to expect from each one).

…AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU? Well, if you find one of our coffee varieties that you would like to try at yet a different roast level, simply let us know so we can roast it specially for you! This can be great fun if you are in the mood for a little experimentation. For some nifty flavor combinations, you can even combine two different roast levels of the same coffee in varying proportions.