To Order

After looking over our current offerings and deciding on your choices, simply call or e-mail (you may also send in the PDF Order Form, although it is not a “fillable” form). 404-512-7955, info@jay-coffee.comPlease remind us if you are a member of our “Coffee HMO.”

Minimum Order: 1 pound (smaller packages can be combined to meet the minimum order)

Terms: Cash or Check (payable to Jay Goodspeed; new friends paying by check, please allow time for your check to clear)

Delivery in Tucson, AZ

We make regular delivery runs once or twice a week in the Central Tucson, AZ area (there is no delivery charge within an approximately 5- to 10-mile radius of Reid Park).

However, we gladly make special arrangements to deliver larger orders in the Tucson area, whether to individuals, to businesses, or even to groups who would like regular coffee deliveries to their organization for convenient pickup by members. Feel free to call if you would like to discuss specific needs.


We also ship anywhere in Arizona, with the following charges per shipment (less $1.00 for each pound of coffee in the shipment): $14.00 for up to six 1-lb. bags, and $19.00 for seven to ten 1-lb. bags.

Please note that smaller bags or gift boxes take up relatively more space, with the result that less coffee will fit in a given shipping package – the shipping deduct of $1.00 per pound still applies; call or e-mail with questions about a specific order.

Shipping Examples:

  • For a 3-lb. order, you pay $11.00 for shipping ($14 less $3)
  • For a 5-lb. order, you pay $9.00 for shipping ($14 less $5)
  • For a 1o-lb. order, you pay $9.00 for shipping ($19 less $10)