Unbeknownst to many people (but now knownst to you), there is a whole spectrum  of lighter roast levels for coffee. In general, they are called City, City+, Full City, and Full City+.

These lighter roast levels tend to bring out “origin” flavors, whereas typical darker roast levels tend to have a characteristic “roast” flavor that overpowers the origin flavors. The result is that a darker roast can cover up undesirable characteristics of a low-quality bean… but the flip side of the coin is that a darker roast can also cover up many of the amazing and complex flavors in premium beans!

Different roast levels can bring out different flavors in the same coffee lot. At GCC, we test each coffee lot extensively to dial in our favorite roast level. However, you may want to do your own experimenting and call us about trying a selection at a custom roast level.